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Use of CBD on the skin

One of the big factors behind the huge increase in the use of CBD has been the fact that some studies have shown it to be effective and efficient in dermatological problems, due to its antioxidant and regenerative effects. This cannabinoid has the power to delay skin ageing, as well as helping to hydrate the skin and regenerate its cells.

CBD cosmetics are proving to be a potential asset because, as well as offering greater resistance to the skin, they can also slow down its ageing, so they can be very effective for problems such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. We must always bear in mind that the regenerating and moisturizing effects of CBD are very important for any skin, healthy or not, as well as being totally safe cosmetics.

They are also widely used in cases of body pain. Cannabinoids can act very effectively on the muscles and joints of our body, so those more common and daily pains end up being reduced with the use of CBD.


It’s important to start this topic by bearing in mind that the CBD is not a cure-all for dermatological diseases, but it does offer our immune system some tools to neutralize or normalize some skin problems, with results varying from person to person, as is natural.

The lipostatic potential of CBD still raises some doubts and some contradictory testimonies. That said, more and more large-scale studies will always be needed to support the 100% efficacy of CBD on our skin. The studies carried out so far show very positive signs, such as the certainty of this cannabinoid ‘s ability to regulate the amount of sebum produced by our skin very effectively, thus preventing some skin problems that can affect our well-being.

CBD cosmetics end up being useful mainly in two different situations: They can be used by totally healthy people without any skin problems, thus strengthening their defenses and avoiding problems in the future, or they can be used by people with visible skin problems. In the latter case, the application of CBD should be repeated daily and only then will it be a good method of providing a positive response to all skin problems.

Although, once again, we reaffirm the need for more studies on CBD and its possible effects, an evaluation carried out in 2018 under the name “CANABINOIDS OF DERMATOLOGY” suggests that this cannabinoid is able to act on various dermatological problems, which leads us to believe that in the future more and more CBD cosmetic products may appear, increasingly targeted to each person and each skin problem.


ACNE – Over the years, various treatments for acne have appeared. However, most of them proved to be ineffective and in some cases ended up aggravating the symptoms and the condition of the skin. The main function of these treatments is to control the excess oil that can clog our skin and cause acne, thus eliminating the bacteria that cause the problem.

Recent studies have revealed that CBD has an enormous capacity to control the production of sebum produced in our bodies by the sebaceous glands. This turns out to be a very positive indicator of the effect of this Cannabinoid, because if our body produces too much sebum we will always be closer to getting Acne on our skin . CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent the activation of inflammatory cytokines, as well as an antibacterial and antifungal effect, which helps greatly in the prevention of skin problems.

ECZEMAS – Eczema is a skin problem that affects all ages, but is more common in children and is characterized by symptoms associated with itching or red spots on the body. Chronic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema, but there are many others.

There are two methods of treating eczema, internal and external, depending on the severity of the problem and the needs of the consumer.

INTERNAL TREATMENT – With the existence of Endocannabinoid System on the skin and the CBD possesses in the relief and well-being of the same, the compound CBD cream will be an excellent ally in the treatment of symptoms caused by eczema, also due to the high concentrations of CBD and its anti-inflammatory properties. In this case, you should apply the cream or ointment to the affected area. EXTERNAL TREATMENT – The external method of treatment to combat eczema is to consume CBD oils or capsules. Although the first treatment method offers faster and more localized effects, external treatment may prove to be more beneficial and in addition to the better long-term effects, experience with the CBD It will also be deeper and in this way you will also be preventing problems other than dermatological ones.

PSORIASIS – Psoriasis is characterized by being an autoimmune disease that can affect everyone regardless of age and occurs due to the rapid growth of the cells present in our skin, which leads to the accumulation of dead cells on the skin’s surface.

Several studies have revealed the presence of therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties in CBD, so we can conclude its enormous importance and potential in the treatment of psoriasis. By interacting with the Cannabinoid Receptors present in our Endocannabinoid System , CBD helps regulate our immune system and prevents changes in epidermal cells, thus preventing unwanted cell growth and accumulation in the skin. CBD contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are essential for keeping our skin hydrated to the desired levels.

It is also important to emphasize that psoriasis, like eczema, also requires internal and external treatment, i.e. you should try to intersperse the consumption of oils or capsules with the application of creams or ointments on the affected area.


The skin is the largest organ in the human body and therefore requires special attention. It’s an extremely important organ that protects us from infections and other foreign bodies in the normal development of our immune system

CBD is already used on a large scale by the most varied cosmetics companies in all their products, which can include creams, body oils, ointments or even shampoo.

As previously mentioned in other articles, the Cannabinoid CBD when ingested, interacts with our Endocannabinoid System which turns out to be essential for the proper regulation of our body, helping it to remain balanced, the good news is that the same effectiveness of CBD in the process concerning our skin and the dermatological problems to which it is exposed.

If the CBD occur via cosmetics know that the only difference will be that the Cannabinoid will not enter the bloodstream directly, but as it is highly effective at a cellular level, administering it by this route will always be beneficial and will offer a more localized effect if you want to treat a more specific part of your skin. (Internal Treatment).

You always have the option of treating your skin with CBD oils or capsules, in which case the cannabinoid will already spread through the various blood vessels in the human body and offer the consumer a more comprehensive effect with long-term effects (External Treatment).

In conclusion

As in almost all areas in which CBD works, the effectiveness of these methods on the skin is still the subject of a great deal of research, but the evidence already found is very positive.

Something that has greatly boosted the growth and popularity of CBD cosmetics has been the real-life testimonies of various people, including many public figures, always emphasizing the positive effects of this cannabinoid on their skin. If we add this to the countless promising and increasingly recurrent studies and research, we find more than obvious reasons to support the ever-increasing demand for CBD-based cosmetics and their effectiveness.

As with all other forms of CBD administration, this should also be appropriate for each human being, so certain points such as the amount of CBD or the way in which it is extracted should always be taken into account. Try to adjust your dose to your needs and look for products that don’t use chemical elements in the extraction of CBD, as this could mean unwanted effects for your skin and general well-being.

If you want to start taking CBD to treat a skin problem, you should always consult a health professional first, who will be able to recommend the treatment that best suits you and the most appropriate dosage.

Here at HEMPY ROOTS, we always recommend that you take CBD conscientiously and that it is interspersed with internal and external treatments, as this will be the easiest way to obtain results in terms of the quality of your skin, as well as preventing problems other than those of a dermatological nature.

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Author: Paulo Rodrigues

Sources: https://cdd.org.br/noticia/doenca-de-pele/canabidiol-cbd-e-condicoes-de-pele/

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