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Buy CBD flowers, CBD hashish and CBD oil wholesale at the best value for money

Want to buy CBD wholesale? We are your supplier of CBD products for your business. Whether for an online store or a physical store, we have the right products to help your business grow. Ask us for the catalog and get access to high-quality CBD products at brutally competitive prices.

We have selected the best suppliers of CBD products in Europe to sell CBD wholesale in Portugal. We help you through the whole process and have ideas for packaging and whitelabel solutions. Your brand, your labels and our products.

Talk to us today and find out how we can help!

CBD wholesale Portugal - CBD flower supplier - HempyRoots


Our CBD flowers feature a range of exclusive products that form a bouquet of surprising aromas, available in large quantities or in customized packages.

CBD wholesale Portugal - CBD oil supplier - HempyRoots


CBD oil ranges from 5% to 30% potency, or 500mg to 3000mg per 10ml.
Our CBD oil is mixed with MCT oil or Hemp oil. You can create your own line of oils with us.

CBD wholesale Portugal - CBD resin supplier - HempyRoots


Our hashish has two varieties, Charas and Pollen, each with a different smell and malleability but always very rich in terpenes.

CBD wholesale in Portugal - CBD distributors in Portugal - HempyRoots


Our HempyRoots collection offers exclusive high-quality CBD products – 6 CBD herbs, 2 CBD hash, MoonRocks and IceRocks. And CBD oils 5%, 10% and 20%.

CBD supplier

Your CBD brand and our CBD products.

At HempyRoots you can buy CBD whitelabel and customize your packaging for flowers, hash and oils. We help you create your brand, we are your CBD supplier.

We take care of everything, from printing your labels to filling your packaging with the product you want.

CBD wholesale Portugal - CBD supplier Portugal - HempyRoots
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We ship instantly!
Your orders arrive in Portugal or Spain within 48 hours.

Comprar CBD online em Portugal - Marca Portuguesa: HempyRoots


We ship with CTT Expresso or GLS. Your order is always tracked.

Comprar CBD online em Portugal - Marca Portuguesa: HempyRoots


We only sell CBD products with THC <0.2%

If you would like to receive our catalog and find out more about our wholesale conditions for CBD in Portugal, fill out the form below and give us a brief presentation of yourself, your company and your business model so that we can adjust our proposal.