CBD and acne, why does it work so well?

Artigo actualizado em March, 2024

-CBD, a derivative of the cannabis plant, has gained a lot of fame because of its potential health benefits and is increasingly being used for this purpose as well as for beauty products. So let’s explain whether CBD can be effective against acne.

-Acne what is it?

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition in which the hair follicles have excess fat and dead skin cells. It usually affects the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders the most, as these are the areas with the most sebaceous follicles.

Acne tends to disappear from some parts of the body and appear on others.

-CBD for Acne How does it work?

There are several studies that speak of CBD’s potential to reduce the causes of acne. Because it acts directly on the SEC (endo-cannabinoid system), which is responsible for maintaining the body’s balance, also influences most physiological functions and is also present in the skin. CB1 is present in the cutaneous nerves and hair follicles and CB2 is also present in our reticular and papillary dermis.

-CBD and effects:

CBD has benefits due to its direct activity on the SEC:

*Normalizes arachidonic acid;

*Reduces the body’s inflammatory response;

*Antibacterial against acne.

CBD is not the only cannabinoid to have an effect against acne, but it is considered the best, because CBD can:

*Bring about more stable hormonal activity;

*Stimulates SEC activity, which reduces stress;

*Helps regenerate skin cells and heal wounds and scars;

CBD, with the effects demonstrated above, is very active against acne.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article and that you’ve managed to clear up some of your doubts.

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