GoldenBuds CBD Gelato Cartridge

This Gelato-flavored CBD cartridge (0.50 ml) contains 300 mg of high-quality CBD oil.

Gelato has the scent of ice cream, giving it a sweet smell with a hint of fruit. The perfect blend of terpenes in the Golden Buds cartridge will stay in your mind for the benefit of your soul.

This cartridge provides 300 mg in a 0.50 ml cartridge, the equivalent of 6,000 mg (60%) of CBD in a 10 ml bottle.

This full-spectrum distillate has a high concentration of CBD and contains terpenes:

  • clear, without additives
  • no food coloring
  • solvent-free
  • No preservatives

All our cartridges use atomizers with high-quality ceramic coils. With Golden Buds, the days of burnt smells and bad-tasting cut CBD are now a thing of the past!



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