Moonshine Eco (Night Infusion)

Our evening infusion provides a relaxing effect, ideal for enjoying a good rest and fighting anxiety.


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Moonshine Eco – Night Infusion

Night Infusion – Perfect for people suffering from stress, nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders or insomnia.

Contents of each box: 12 bags of 2gr each. For cups up to 350ml, the bags can be reused twice. A bag for a large kettle (3/4 liter) can also be used.

Night Infusion ingredients: hemp, apple, hibiscus, elderberry, rosehip, blackberry flavor, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry flavor, blackberry leaf, blueberry, strawberry granules, red fruit flavor.

All the ingredients come from ecological and organic farming. The container is also biodegradable.

Store in a dry place.

Do not expose to sunlight.


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