Puff CBD 10% Fresh Forest – Kanavape

10% CBD – 1000mg CBD / 10ml

Each of these disposable Kanavape pens contains 10% CBD, NO nicotine and NO THC.

Flavor: Fresh Forest

CBD concentration: 10%

600 puffs per capsule




This disposable pen of 600 puffs contains 10% CBD, mixed with propylene glycol (VPG) of plant origin and 30% vegetable glycerin (VG) manufactured in the Czech Republic (in the ratio VPG70% / VG30%), infused with natural aromas. all the flavors are perfectly combined with a lovely aromatic finish that makes the CBD vape experience fantastic.

About disposable CBD capsules

Nowadays, more and more people are switching to the disposable vape pen, which contains no nicotine, is very easy to use and compact.

We would like to present our version of disposable capsules with a natural aroma and intense flavors. As the legendary Kanavape, pioneer and revolutionary of the CBD industry in the EU, we continue to guarantee a high standard of vaping pleasure.

Kanavape disposable pods are easy to use and will help you refresh yourself with a relaxing and joyful vaping experience. The capsule is built into a 2 ml tank that will provide around 600 puffs, the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. We are providing the best quality CBD and assembly know-how, backed up by third-party laboratory analysis.


This product does not contain nicotine. This is prohibited for children under 18, keep out of reach of children, not for pregnant women, this is not a medical device or for medical use. Smoking can be harmful to your health.


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