Why take CBD oil sublingually and the benefits

Artigo actualizado em March, 2024

-How to take CBD oil under the tongue correctly

CBD oil should be placed under the tongue and held for 45 to 60 seconds without swallowing, to give the substances time to diffuse into the body through the epithelial cells. We should keep it under the tongue, because other areas of the mouth don’t absorb some of the CBD oil cells as well and we wouldn’t get the most out of it. We should do it this way whether it’s CBD oil or CBD tinctures.

CBD oil has no right dosage or right time to take it, as it varies from person to person according to their metabolism.

We should avoid taking CBD oil straight after meals, as part of the CBD oil will be absorbed through food and not into the bloodstream.

-How often should CBD oil be placed under the tongue?

Well, it will vary greatly from person to person, depending on body weight and the severity of the symptoms.

But from what we know, it’s normal to take it twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and a little before bed.

-The benefits of using CBD oil under the tongue?

1- Greater absorption, as CBD oil applied under the tongue bypasses the digestion process and thus has less loss of CBD substances and effects.

2- Faster effect, taking CBD oil and swallowing it straight away will take longer to take effect as it has to go through the digestion process. If you take CBD oil sublingually, it can take effect in minutes.

3-Ease of use of CBD oil, can be applied anywhere, very discreet, no need for preparation and no fumes.

We hope this article has cleared up your doubts.

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