Fibromyalgia and CBD: does it work?

Artigo actualizado em March, 2024

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disease that affects between 3 and 5% of people worldwide. It is a pathology that causes intense muscle pain and, in more serious cases, affects a person’s normal daily activities. Fibromyalgia has a very negative point in that it tends to be confused with other pathologies because the symptoms are so generalized, which leads to misdiagnosis.

It is a difficult disease to diagnose, as all the investigations have failed to decipher its exact origin. Treatments for fibromyalgia are scarce and ineffective, so people with the condition are looking for alternative treatments such as CBD.

Next, we’ll try to understand how cannabidiol (CBD) can be an effective alternative treatment for this disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

There are several studies that explain how CBD can help treat Fibromyalgia.

-What are the most common symptoms?

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disease that affects the muscles and fibers of sufferers and women are the most affected, as it attacks several areas causing pain at the slightest stimulus.

Symptoms can be mild with sensations of discomfort, up to chronic pain and a kind of stabbing pain in several areas at the same time, in women up to 18 areas. There are also studies and research that indicate that it can cause migraines and a kind of depression in sufferers.

-What is CBD and how can it help Fibromyalgia?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Several studies have shown that CBD has properties that help heal muscle inflammation and help with chronic pain.

There are still no authoritative medical studies that say CBD is effective in treating Fibromyalgia, but there are studies that say CBD oil can be a good alternative in treating some symptoms.

-What are the advantages of CBD over other treatments?

1- CBD does not produce psychoactive effects as long as it is isolated.

2- CBD does not cause addiction or unwanted side effects.

3- You can buy CBD legally in almost all Western countries. CBD is available in various forms, from CBD oil to CBD ointment and CBD flowers.

We hope this article was useful and cleared up some of your doubts.

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