How can I use CBD?

Artigo actualizado em March, 2024

CBD has long since become fashionable and now everyone wants to try CBD and its effects. CBD is a trend thanks to the legalization of hemp plantations.

Everyone wants to try CBD, but they don’t know how to get started.

So we’ve created this article to explain the most commonly used ways of consuming CBD.

1st- CBD oil is the most widely used form

CBD oil is mostly consumed sublingually, because this is where it absorbs the fastest and produces the quickest effects. And the price, for the effects it produces and the length of time it lasts, is a great option for the client’s wallet.

2nd CBD flower is the second most used form

Although in Portugal the law doesn’t allow CBD flowers to be smoked, the number of consumers has increased dramatically in the last three years and let’s face it, we have great quality CBD flowers at great prices.

3ª CBD vaping is the third most used method

This method is very popular because it is discreet, practical and there is no burning of the flowers or pollen, which releases many harmful substances. Vaping CBD is great because it has several different flavors, and because it is smoked, the effects of CBD are quicker as it comes into direct contact with the body.

At HempyRoots we have CBD Puffs, CBD E-liquids and CBD refill pens available.

4th CBD capsules is the fourth preferred method for consumers

CBD capsules are great for those who want to feel all the effects of CBD but don’t want the taste that not everyone likes. These capsules are filled with CBD oil. On the other hand, it takes longer to feel the effects because they are ingested more slowly.

5th CBD Gummies is the new trend in the CBD world

In Portugal and a few other countries, food containing CBD is not legal. But this form of consumption is fantastic, who doesn’t like a few gummy bears, right?

The big advantage is that it can take a little longer to take effect, but once you start to feel it, it lasts for many hours and tastes fantastic on the way down.

6th CBD cosmetics the new method for beauty and health

In this range of products, we have anti-wrinkle creams, skin creams that provide much greater relaxation than any other beauty cosmetic because their key ingredient is CBD.

But we also have health ointments that help with inflammation and pain.

So for all you CBD lovers, here are the main ways you can take advantage of the effects of cannabidiol.

We hope you enjoyed the article and that it has cleared up many of your doubts.

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