Hemp fiber CBD, the option of the past and the future

Artigo actualizado em March, 2024

Hemp CBD, or Cannabis Sativa, is a plant that has a growth cycle of around 3 months. Hemp contains CBD, CBG, CBN and other cannabis molecules, and can grow up to 5 meters high if planted outdoors.

Several countries grow CBD hemp, mainly for its excellent fiber for the textile world. It’s a somewhat rare raw material, as there are properties in CBD hemp fiber that make it one of the best fibers in the textile world.

The main reasons for using CBD Hemp are:

-natural being and plants;

-being a temperature-regulating fiber;

-CBD hemp fiber absorbs moisture very well but also dries very quickly;

-CBD hemp fiber fabrics are great because they don’t get damaged very often, are very resistant to washing and can be washed cold or hot, which is just as resistant;

-CBD hemp is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t need much water and, like all plants, it absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen;

-It’s fast-growing and doesn’t need fertilizers and pesticides;

-The textile production of CBD hemp has little impact on the environment.

We hope this has clarified many of your doubts about CBD hemp and its fiber.

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