How to preserve CBD Hemp Flowers?

Artigo actualizado em March, 2024

CBD flowers are usually sold in cheap packaging, just so that they are sealed and don’t split, but to keep a CBD flower in good condition you need a lot more than that because CBD flowers are very sensitive and to keep them in good condition you need to take a few precautions. Nobody wants to have old, dry, crumbling CBD and a CBD flower loses all its properties if it is not well protected.

CBD flowers don’t have an expiration date, but you do need to be careful with heat, light and humidity, as they spoil and take away the potency of cannabinoids, including CBD.

At HempyRoots, we have airtight, zipped bags with aluminum foil on the inside to make it opaque, so the CBD flowers will keep for much longer.

The experience with dried CBD flowers will be much more aggressive, without much effect or flavor.

If you are careful, you can keep CBD flowers for 6 or 8 months without any problems. Always be careful with humidity, as mold completely destroys CBD flowers.

We have to pay special attention to UV rays because they destroy all the cannabinoids in CBD flowers.

The air is combated through our airtight packaging so that our CBD flowers don’t dry out.

The temperature is super important when it comes to preserving CBD flowers because the ideal temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, otherwise the likelihood of mold is very high, so we should always keep CBD flowers cool.

So always be very careful how you store your CBD flowers.

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